- Yes, yes, the whole world linked it already, but The New Yorker has indeed placed Will Wright alongside recent subjects such as Bill Clinton and, uhh, bloodsucking leeches by making him the subject of a profile.

We like The New Yorker because their style guide is so insanely rigid that they use umlauts on regular English words under certain circumstances (yay!), but also we love 'em for prose like this: "For the past six years, Wright has been working on a new game, which will be released in 2007. It is anticipated with something like the interest with which writers in Paris in the early twenties awaited Joyce’s “Ulysses.”"

But the article, in addition to being in-depth and well-written, actually strays into things such as Wright's personal life and how it affects his game making - something that seems extremely relevant, but much conventional game journalism doesn't quite get to (sometimes understandable, due to corporate/PR forces, but let's try). [Oh, and any magazine which sells its back issues on a giftable hard drive is A-OK with us.]