- Meh, the whole world linked to it already, but Jeremy Parish's Virtual Console round-up over at 1UP.com is most excellent, and worth reading.

Ze Parish explains: "Yeah, so there are only fourteen titles current available on VC. That's not so many. The good news, of course, is that this is an issue that should resolve itself in time, as Nintendo has promised to release a dozen different titles every month. Until then, you have this handy reference guide to let you know what's worth your hard-earned Wii Points."

One title in particular that the guide may have persuaded me to pick up is Solomon's Key, of which it's opined: "An obscure Tecmo title? Well, whatever; Solomon's Key is actually pretty good, despite its atrocious graphics and annoying sound effects. Consisting of dozens of rooms, each of which is a devious puzzle, it's unflinchingly difficult and surprisingly compelling. And the VC's suspend feature means you can take a break when things start to get frustrating and jump back in once your temper has cooled."