- In times of console launch, you must rely on UK Resistance to get you through, and yet again, they calm our shattered nerves with a look at how UK women's magazines are tackling the Wii.

Well, it's actually an advertorial in Glamour magazine, but nonethless, it includes such genius elements as '5 reasons why ever girl needs a Wii', with #5 being: 'Forget a designer sofa, this is the only accessory a girl needs'. If we didn't know better, we'd swear that Zorg wrote this himself.

Also, commenter 'RoboSel' claims: "I was talking to my sister yesterday about games and I said have you seen the Nintendo Wii? She replied by saying "isn't that the new game thing for girls?" That's done it for me!" So there you have it - the Internet has spoken.

[Oh, and if you're not reading the UK Resistance spinoff gadget blog, Idiot Toys, you really should be. Looks like they stopped updating the insanely twisted My Animal Crossing blog. Still, we just found The Beppin Legacy, which is apparently about an attempt to create the Fourth Reich in Animal Crossing, and is apparently 'loosely affiliated' with UKR - there's evidence indicating that Zorg is a Beppin collaborator, if you dig deep enough. So we're waiting for the inevitable post-Beppin treason trials.]