- For a geeky but dead-on blog post about why the Wii Virtual Console's emulation is a cut above the rest, you can't do much better than Ben '222b' Turner's in-depth analysis of the matter, as posted on his LiveJournal.

Turner notes of Sim City for the SNES, as emulated on the Wii: "Suffice it to say that, assuming you're on a regular TV (not HD), the game looks 100% exactly like it would on a real SNES. Perhaps better, if you're using the Component cable and haven't seen RGB. This is an achievement that very few recent commercially emulated games can claim."

Wait, and he explains why, too! "Most developers choose to present old, low-res games in a high-res interlaced graphics mode which makes the images appear swimmy, blurry, and sometimes blocky. Basically, 480i sucks for old games. This is not dissimilar to presenting a classic movie in the wrong aspect ratio. An essential, if often overlooked, quality of the original presentation is lost." There's also lots of detail on the widescreen problem.

[Oh, and elsewhere, Racketboy has some overarching impressions of the service, for which two TurboGrafx games are now available, thank the Lord - though someone said the emulation might not be quite as spot on for it. Hopefully they're horribly wrong!]