- Over at his personal blog, Ubisoft's Splinter Cell design guru Clint Hocking has been discussing 'the game community's failure provide critical analysis of [games]', and brings up some interesting points.

Referencing Ian Bogost's recent Bully critique on Serious Games Source, he notes, among other things, that "critical analysis ultimately protects us from censorship", also adding: "Our responses to attacks on a game like Bully - indeed, even our simple reviews of it, are increasingly 'framed in the language and issues of the public debate'. Shouldn't it be the other way around?"

But Hocking's final and overarching point is that "critical analysis of our games improves our ability to make games", and he feels it's just not happening right now in game reviews, concluding: "I would pay a thousand dollars cash to overhear two developers who played the shit out of my game tear it apart over beers in a bar. I am reasonably confident that I would make that thousand back ten times over with what I would learn from such an event." Extremely interesting.