- So, over at lovable rapscallion of a UK site Pocket Gamer, they've got a review of cellphone game Porn Manager, and we just had to link (though it seems like the only times we link to cellphone games are either a) Gamevil or b) NSFW, doesn't it?)

Anyhow, this one's funny because it definitely plays on the European predilection for management games (see Championship Manager/Football Manager, a tremendously successful franchise over there), and the review explains: "Thankfully, Porn Manager isn't really like a porn movie. In fact, it would be better to describe Porn Manager as a management game first, strategy game second and porn game last."

So what's the game about? "Keeping your stars happy so they can perform again and again, and make you more money so that you can repeat the cycle. Make money from a film, receive a new commission, invest money in new stars, invest money in new facilities to keep new stars happy and rested, pay rent and wages for current stars and facilities, shoot movie, sell movie... rinse and repeat."

The review concludes: "In fact, it shows how mature HandyGames was when making this game that you'll find yourself returning to it not because of the fact it deals with porn, but because it is a very good strategy game." So there you go!