- Oddly enough, there really haven't been enough good humor articles related to the next-gen console launches, but 1UP singlehandedly redeems that with their Wiinjuries: Getting Hurt Playing Nintendo pictorial guide, from the inestimable Scott Sharkey.

It's explained; "The Wii comes with about seventeen pages of warnings about using the Wiimote without the wrist strap. The thing actually includes a sensor that can tell when you're not using it properly, electronically alerting Nintendo H.Q. whenever you're breaching the warranty. Trust me, they can and will exercise their legal right to release the wards binding Hiroshi Yamauchi into retirement so he can go to your house, judo-chop the top of your head off and feast upon your living brain."

Yet: "We know gamers. Ain't nobody going to remember to slip that goofy strap around their wrist. Hell, you'll make fun of any pansy friends who actually do use the thing. As a public service we've taken it upon ourselves to explore all the dangerous possibilities of improper Wii-mote use. At least three interns lost their lives making this feature, but if we can scare even a single gamer into Wiiing responsibly it'll be worth their sacrifice." We hear that Gama news guy Jason Dobson has thrown his Wii-mote into the chandelier already, so the resulting pictorials on the 1UP piece make a _lot_ of sense (except, uhh, a few!)