- Oop, I was suddenly reminded that the Computer History Museum is hosting the Vintage Computer Festival 9.0 this weekend in Mountain View, California, and it's hecka retro fun.

There are even a few game-related VCF sessions, too, including 'The Story of the Fairchild Channel F Video Game System' with Jerry Lawson. "The Channel F system pioneered the cartridge based video game console and involved early attempts at software distribution via cable television. This is the story of how it all happened by the man who made it happen." Sounds neat.

There are also select Computer History Museum tours, and as someone who's been on one, I can _highly_ recommend it, since there's everything from awesome old mainframes through Enigma machines, all the way to the original CG teapot - you know the one! Also, there's some neat films showing, including BBS Documentary episodes and The Future Of Pinball. And a vendor area. So really, Bay Area-ans, make it a date?