- Clearly, us here at GameSetWatch have nothing better to do than to set up our TiVo to watch bizarre Saturday morning kids' TV shows allegedly 'inspired' by Dance Dance Revolution, which is why the KOL Secret Slumber Party on CBS was foremost in our minds last weekend.

Specifically, it was the half-hour TV show Dance Revolution that piqued our interest, since it was announced that series creator DIC has partnered with Konami to make the show, for which a Konami representative announced: "This collaboration gives Konami an excellent opportunity to bring elements of the DDR franchise to television."

Well, as the Wikipedia entry suggests, those elements would be... basically none! The show works like a pre-teen version of 'So You Think You Can Dance?' or other dancing reality shows, with a panel critiquing exuberant dance routines that are done nowhere near DDR dance mats, and the extremely bouncy, English DJ Rick from KOL Radio presenting in a wacky, zany style - at one point, he eats salsa instead of doing the salsa!

Here's the CBS official site, which has some linked video, by the look of it - but basically, Konami/DDR isn't mentioned once in the show, apart from in the credits, which explain: "2006 DIC Entertainment Corporation Underlying property TM and (C) Konami Digital Entertainment Inc." This would be the underlying property of being able to dance in a revolutionary manner, we presume. The Dancerevolutiontv.com site has the horrific Black Eyed Peas-esque theme tune, too, and it plays WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. [UPDATE: Oh, actually, sometimes it randomly doesn't, when it plays another song instead. Reload the page if you want your ears to specifically bleed in the 'Dance Revolution' way.]

Oddly enough, another of the 'Secret Slumber Party' shows is Horseland, which is a DIC cartoon based on a virtual pet Internet site which has plainly passed all GSW viewers by - but it shows again (here's the Wikipedia page for Horseland) how video games are infiltrating society in scary, twisted ways.