- Some of you may have spotted that Midway has recently released Unreal Anthology for PC, a great big bundle of Unreal-ness which includes Unreal (including Return to Na Pali expansion pack), Unreal II: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament (Game of the Year Edition), and Unreal Tournament 2004 (Editors Choice Edition & Mega Bonus Pack).

Well, former Game Developer audio columnist Alexander Brandon, who has contributed to multiple Unreal titles and is now an Audio Director at Midway, passed on great info about the Unreal Anthology Soundtrack, which is included in Unreal Anthology as a separate audio CD in a somewhat 'stealth' form - bet you didn't know about it!

A bunch of the early Unreal music was in .MOD-like form (that takes me back!), and the CD itself "...features twenty three classic tracks from the Unreal franchise including hits such as “Razorback”, “Mechanism 8” and the Unreal Tournament menu theme, which has had more commercial remixes than any original game piece."

So, if you like classic or newer Unreal music, here would be the tracklisting for the whole set, which is a decent reason to pick up the Anthology - it's collectively composed by Alex Brandon, Michiel Van Den Bos, Peter Hajba, Kevin Reipl, and Andrew Sega:


1- Flightcastle (0:51)
2- Shared Dig (2:34)
3- Dusk Horizon (2:31)
4- Bluff Eversmoking (3:57)
5- Isotoxin (4:09)
6- Unreal Temple (Crypt) (4:12)

Unreal Addon-

1- Black Wind (3:10)

Unreal Tournament-

1- Unreal Tournament Menu (2:00)
2- Foregone Destruction (4:11)
3- Go Down (3:00)
4- Botpack Nine (4:49)
5- Mechanism Eight (6:12)
6- Skyward Fire (4:56)
7- Razorback (4:49)
8- The Course (4:28)

UT 2004

1- UTMenu Redux (4:14)
2- Ghost of Anubis (2:01)
3- Infernal Realm (1:59)
4- Assault (1:59)
5- Arena (0:53)
6- From Below (1:59)
7- Sniper Time (2:00)
8- Onslaught One (3:48)

Total- Approx 73 Minutes