- You may recall that we recently linked to Uncle Monsterface, the 'sock puppet rock and roll extravaganza' band who are relasing a Wii album to coincide with the system's launch.

Well, they mailed us again to reveal some very cool remixes from some friends in the game biz: "In support of the soon to be released "fanboy album of rock", some of our friends at Harmonix (you know the guys that make Guitar Hero) did some rocktastic remixes for us!"

Thus: "inter:sect's remix of Lobster Building (inter-sect.net) and Izzy Maxwell's "Hump Everything" remix of Underground Mutant Prairie Dogs from Hell (izzymaxwell.com) will only be available for the remaining days until the release of NINTENDODE and The Wii!" Also extra points for trying to link the unlinkable: "Now, we here at Monsterface Inc. realize that GUITAR HERO isn't for any of Nintendo's fine platforms or systems. But the fact of the matter is that GUITAR HERO, like the NINTENDO Wii, embraces a notion of fun and inclusive gaming - games made to get people standing up and rocking out and having fun - together, even (perhaps while in the same room!). "

Also, their disclaimer in their press release is fun: "And once again, HARMONIX, RED OCTANE, KONAMI, NINTENDO, Rupert Murdoch, The NRA, The Justice League - none of these companies have prepared or approved or licensed or produced any of what we are doing here. Just to be absolutely clear..." Hey guys, you forgot Activision!

[Oh, and apparently, if you're in New York for the Wii launch at the Nintendo Store, the Monsterface guys reveal: "We'll be the guys with the giant monster handing out the cool "Nintendode: songs for the big N" promo cards." And getting carted off by security?]