- OK, finally time for some news that isn't about us - in fact, it's about Ubisoft and Nvidia... no, wait, Ubisoft and, uhm, Nivea - under the excellent press release headline: "NIVEA FOR MEN Partners With Ubisoft to Integrate Products Into Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent(TM)'.

It's explained: "The video game industry has gained significant momentum over the past few decades. When games like Nintendo's Duck Hunt® and Mario Brothers® were first introduced to the small screen they captured the attention of young boys and occupied them through their teen years. Now, these boys have grown up yet haven't neglected their adolescent hobby. Men are now rushing home from work to spend the remainder of their evenings with a cold drink and a bag of chips to sit in front of the TV so that they can play video games." Yeah, stupid men and their cold non-alcoholic drinks!

In any case: "NIVEA FOR MEN, the #1 men's skin care line in the mass market, has partnered with Philips Norelco Cool Skin Razor to integrate product placements into Ubisoft's video game, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent(TM)." But we thought Sam Fisher was all stubble-y?

In addition: "NIVEA FOR MEN products appear at different stages throughout the game and have been seamlessly integrated into the video game environments. In addition to product placements and billboards, NIVEA FOR MEN and Norelco wanted to get more deeply involved with the game play experience. When double agent Sam Fisher travels through the streets of New York City, a billboard advertisement leads players to a co-branded Web site that provides game tips, www.thegoodside.com." Oh boy.