- Over at The Escapist, Slashdot Games editor and sometime GSW columnist Michael Zenke has contributed an article named 'Game Journalists on Game Journalism', and it includes luminaries such as GameSpot's Greg Kasavin and Joystiq's Chris Grant, alongside a bunch of idiots from Game Developer and Gamasutra (myself, Brandon Sheffield, Frank Cifaldi) talking the state of game journalism.

I like Frank's reply on what it means to be a game journalist: "I think the more important question here is what it means to be a journalist; the "game" part is secondary, it's merely a specialized form. Ideally, a journalist is someone who is able to acquire facts, compile them and then present them to the reader in a clear, definitive, objective way. The role of a journalist is to relay information; the role of a good journalist is to make this information interesting without showing personal bias (or, in many cases, hiding it really damned well)"

Also fun is Kotaku's Brian Crecente on blogging: "In general, I think blogging scares print publications. But I do think that the gaming press is more able to quickly respond to that threat by changing their writing and reporting style, something I believe we've already started to see." OMG blogs FTW! Lots more food for thought in here.