- Hey, look, it's another issue of the sometimes neglected, always lovable The Escapist Magazine, and this time, it's all about Microsoft - so we must relate what they state below:

"When Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in 1975, they spawned what would become the leading manufacturer and developer of PC-based software in the world. Along with developing operating systems and productivity software, Microsoft has steadily moved to the forefront of both PC and console gaming. The Escapist dives inside the belly of the beast and comes out with Issue 73: “Microsoft: the Xmen.”"

What's in it? "Russ Pitts outlines Microsoft’s purchasing power and the footprint they are leaving on gaming in “From Borg to Boss: Gaming with Microsoft.” Contributor Dean Takahashi highlights how great timing and market positioning is benefiting the Xbox 360 in “Turning the Table: Microsoft’s Second Chance Console.” In “Number of the Beast: FASA, Microsoft, and ARGs,” Shannon Drake chronicles Jordan Weisman’s journey in the gaming industry. Spanner explores Microsoft’s use of psychologists in game development in “The Perception Engineers.” And Mur Lafferty informs us of how Microsoft is blogging “ex machina” in “I Have No Mouth and I Must Blog.”" Seems pretty interesting to us.