- We think Edge Online is probably retooling to become 'The Site That Will Rule Them All', or something (former Edge Online editor Brandon Boyer works as Gamasutra news editor now, btw), but in the meantime, they posted info on a neat new special edition Edge File paper-mag.

It's explained: "Edge presents File volume 1, the first in a series of special editions that bring together the best features, reviews, interviews and more from Edge’s long and colourful past, is now on sale. Clocking in at 260 pages, the first volume covers Edge issues 1 to 12 (1993–1994), and includes:

• Hardware features, with stories focusing on Jaguar, 3DO, Supergun, LaserActive, PC Engine and PlayStation
• Developer features, including visits to AM2, Sega, Namco, Argonaut and Bullfrog
• Game features on the likes of Microcosm, Mega Race and (yes) Rise Of The Robots
• Interviews with luminaries such as Trip Hawkins, David Braben and Jeff Minter
• Reviews of games including Street Fighter II Turbo, Gunstar Heroes, Super Mario Collection, Doom, Crash ’n Burn, Night Trap and Secret Of Mana
• The future of 3D graphics, the first ‘total reality’ ride, Retroview, and lots more."

So that's pretty neat, then, although the comments are filled with foreigners lamenting not being able to get it, ending with : "Does anybody even read these comments? Why isn't there an answer yet? A simple 'screw yourselves, fly to the UK and buy it' would do." Heh, time to set up mail order from your website, Edge!