- We may or may not have linked the first two of these, but damn it, we're linking the third one, too - 1UP's latest feature is 'The Best Worst Ads Part 2', subtitled 'The Ads Fight Back From The Grave', and this time takes on PC game mag horrors.

It's explained, handily: "There's always a little guilt that goes along with digging up really awful adverts and poking fun at them. There are just so many, and they're all so ridiculous. It's not even shooting fish in a barrel. It's like dynamiting frogs in a Dixie cup. Thankfully, when they're bloodsucking frogs that want our money, it's not hard to make way for that animal torturing twelve year old who lives in all of us."

What's more: "Where our first installment focused on EGM ads of the late 80s, and our second installment on EGM ads of the early 90s, this time we raided the Games For Windows vaults for late 90s issues of Ye Olde Computar Gaminge Wyrld. The result? Even more insanity." Yes, all life, including Daikatana, is here.