- OK, bear with me on this one, because there's a train of thought going on. I was checking out the awesome Racing Pitch, where you control a car by making vrooming noises into your PC's microphone (!) for the IGF - this be the starting point.

Then I realized that the guys at Skinflake (mainly Jetro Lauha with friends, I think!) made Racing Pitch, but also did the awesome Stair Dismount, which was one of the first games to make ragdolling figures an integral part of the gameplay - and heck, is still one of the only ones. (I hope the Jackass game does something like that!)

Then I remembered there was some demo-scene video pastiche-ing Stair Dismount, but using real life people, and I found it on Google Video, so now I am showing it to you. The 'demo' for Assembly last year is called "Porrasturvat for Stairstation 360 Live Revolution", and it gets a bit samey, but the concept is rather marvellous - I also like that the credits reveal the 'correct' angles and forces to recreate the falls in the game, haw.