- Physics game blog Fun-Motion has collared its latest physics game victim and it's student title Squishy The Starfish, described as "a 2D side-scrolling environmental puzzle game."

However, it's noted (and this is something I feel of a lot of physics-based games, actually!): "While Squishy the Starfish does bring a nice twist to the genre with the five-armed starfish treatment, a swinging physics game is nothing new. The real test of a swinging game lies in the controls, though. It’s dangerous territory as a designer; the line between “novel” and “frustrating” is awfully thin. Squishy does a good job addressing some of the problems of a multi-rope swinging mechanic with its mouse-only controls."

A conclusion? In this case: "Squishy is a solid implementation of a slick concept for a physics game. It’s a little unpolished, probably due to the time constraints of being a student project, but it’s a great student project. Hell, I’d hire them."