- Blimey, poking around the Internet somewhere, I found SPAG, aka the Society for the Promotion Of Adventure Games, which is "...an informative e-zine designed primarily to keep the gaming public aware of text adventures and other types of interactive narrative available today. Most of the space is devoted to reviews."

This rocks because Issue 1 was released all the way back in 1994, and Issue 46 was published just last month - now that's devotion to the text adventure cause! Color ourselves impressed.

The latest issue, by way of example, reviews indie text adventure Attack Of The Yeti Robot Zombies, of which it's opined: " Right from the title we know the game doesn't take itself very seriously. The premise never gets any deeper than that; the setting is cartoonish; there's not much to the story, either. So while I was engaged with the technical challenge of getting through in a single play, I never felt that the stakes were very high if I failed."