- You know GSW is a sucker for scans of early video game material, right? Well, VintageComputing.com has provided the latest specimen, named simply 'So You Want to Be a Video Games Inventor'.

It's explained: "This scan came from the premiere (Winter 1982) issue of “Odyssey² Adventure Club Magazine,” Magnavox’s official monthly magazine / propaganda pamphlet for Odyssey² fans — sorta like Nintendo Power these days. Actually, “Odyssey² Adventure” is more a newsletter than a magazine, since all the issues I have are only about fifteen pages long. Nonetheless, this article is an amusing look into the world of Odyssey² game developers, straight from the horse’s mouth."

What's more: "A quick compare-and-contrast of these guys with Atari’s “pot-smoking hippie” game programmer image of the late 1970s and even today’s “early twenties slacker” programmers makes the Odyssey folks look like a bunch of straight-laced leprechaun engineers. Ralph Baer, what hath thou wrought?!"

[We also note that Ed Averett, who "basically was the Odyssey 2, writing the entire library of games, excepting some early releases: twenty-four games in four years", is one of the notably pictured designers alongside his wife Linda.]