- We just got a note from artist and game designer John Freeborn, since we were one of the starting points for the information train (choo choo!) on his excellent (and previously GSW-mentioned) skateboarding vs. Pitfall Flash game, Skatefall, and he reveals: "I got a new game." But what is it?

Well: "Take name that tune, reverse it – name the song that sampled the song. And you have Sampla." Hah, neat - this is a bit more quizlike than actual interactive video game-like, but go check it out, anyhow.

What's more, Freeborn notes: "Some are hard, some are easy. V1 features 35 tracks, 10 are selected at random each time you play. There is a scoreboard, so you can show and prove your skills." Wow, so expect lots of George Clinton and early funk being sampled by lots of Snoop and De La Soul, among many other things - this really is a big geekout.