- 3DO crazy (and now GameSetWatch columnist!) 3DOKid has managed to get hold of the last Warp game for the 3DO, the oddly named 'Short Warp', showcasing the end of Kenji Eno's insane reign over the semi-obscure console.

He notes: "My disc is number 3,571 of 10,000. Coincidently as my blog clicks over the 100,000th unique visitor. Which is sort of cool for a niche, geeky, pointless blog like this. So - aside from some minimalist box art - what else do you get for 2,800 Japanese yen (about £14.00 or $28.00 U.S.) You get nine Warp mini games - Some new - Some not so new."

The best mini-game? "Flopon the Space Mutant 2. Same old Trip D just with much fancier graphics. The usual crowd of Warp mutants descend from the top the screen, in much the same manner as in Tetris. Your job is rotate and position them in groups of four so they either disappear or morph into a Trip D character. If that happens the next time you morph a character you do damage to you opponents stack of blocks. It's a lot of fun and the best game on the disc."