- Look what 2K Games sent us - it's good news: "Today 2K has released the original Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon for FREE! Travel back in time to 1990 to see how Sid created an innovative new gameplay experience that has evolved into this month's release of Sid Meier's Railroads! for the PC."

Toot toot! "The 15MB Railroad Tycoon download includes the full game, manual, reference cards, etc." The press release actually says that the game is available at the official 2K Games site [EDIT: And it is now! Thanks for the update, MattC!] In addition, it's available at Playfuls.com with no wait to download right now.

As for the title itself, the MobyGames page for the classic explains: "The game is essentially a bird's-eye-view real-time strategy game with aspects of building and stock market manipulation. Each fiscal period is 2-years, which corresponds to 1-day of track time. Build different sizes of stations to take care of different local needs, create trains that switch consists at different stations and maximize throughput. Upgrade/retire/modify trains as times change. The faster the trains arrive, the more money they earn. Multiple options will keep you busy as each game is different."