- This is a brief post to discuss why Danny 'Sardius' Cowan, also the writer of several Gamasutra columns, has an amusing LiveJournal. And this post on the new Shining Force game, my friends, is why.

Cowan references The Magic Box's preview of the game: "In this game your base is a moving fortress named "GeoCities Fort", you must defend it according to circumstances", continuing: "SIR, THERE APPEARS TO BE A CIRCUMSTANCE -- GEOCITIES IS UNDER ATTACK... THEY'VE...THEY'VE TAKEN OVER TIMESSQUARE AND ARE HEADING FOR SILICONVALLEY... IF IT'S NOT TOO LATE WE MAY BE ABLE TO SAVE AREA51 AND TOKYO."

Wait, I guess this is only funny if you owned a free website account on the WWW in about 1996. But hey, the man's not below starting PetitionOnline calls to power as well: "Best Buy, meanwhile, further ruined our shopping experience by not having a particular DVD movie in stock at the time of our visit. We hope that you will consider the fact that not having a copy of The Cat Returns in stock has effectively soured our opinion of your company and all of its employees for years to come." And as we all know - petitions work!