- It's particularly interesting to see the official Linden Lab blog running an in-depth post on 'The Mission Of Linden Lab' from Philip Linden, aka Second Life creator Philip Rosedale.

It's odd because it seems to be a justification to users about the fact that Second Life has to make money? Rosedale comments: "It is certainly the goal of Linden Lab to operate profitably, and by doing so create returns for the shareholder-owners of the company", continuing: "The investor owners of Linden Lab therefore have a mission which is the product of both a longer than average investment timeline, and a set of principles that are shared by a substantial number of the investors."

In addition: "Linden Lab is a company that has required a considerable investment of capital (about $20M will likely have been spent between inception and profitability)", and Rosedale concludes: "Beyond the details of financial performance, we will have been successful in this mission if we, in the smallest amount of time and capital, make Second Life work as well as possible given the limits of the underlying computer technology, and reach the largest number of people." This makes good reading, but it doesn't seem spectacularly user-centered for a statement made to users - does anyone understand what is going on here? Is it a mea culpa for something?

[EDIT: Hey, even before this post went live, I asked Daniel Terdiman at CNET News, a good font for SL info, and he pointed out his blog post about a Times Online story in which David Fleck, Linden Lab vice president of marketing, commented: "We're open to an IPO or a sale, whenever that occurs... But there's no rush." Sounds like that explains it!]