- We already mentioned why MTV Gamer's Week probably doesn't suck like you thought, and Stephen Totilo's blog now points out ways to easily see a bunch of the _good_ video content screened this week.

As he explains: "Yesterday we ran the first half of my tour of the Austin gaming scene, half of that written for MTVNews.com and the other half airing on MTV and at MTVNews.com. I could write a long post about how strongly I felt about telling the story of an American city rich in gaming culture. Or I could just point out that the video piece has Harvey Smith smashing a light fixture with a scooter and Richard Garriott rapping. Do I really need to say more?"

There are actually a mess of extra updates on Totilo's personal site, directly linking you to written and video coverage of all the neater content to come out of MTV's game coverage this week - which naturally emanated from his direction, and included the aforementioned "TV exclusive that features interviews with the [gold] farmers in China and a look inside the so-called [MMO] sweatshops?" Neat.