- Just recently popped on our radar is a new indie Flash game site called Kongregate, currently in Private Alpha, and handily explained on Techcrunch as "...an alpha stage online gaming site that will let users upload games they have built, charge users for premium play or features with a one click payment system and share revenues with the site from premium payment and advertisements."

Co-creator Jim Greer, who "...has ten years of experience in the gaming industry, most recently as Technical Director for EA’s successful web gaming site Pogo.com", has a website called 'Jim On Web Games' where he's updating with info about the progress of the site - which seems like a cool idea, though I haven't checked out the games yet, due to my spam filter eating my Alpha invite, heh.

Oh, and we just noticed there's a competition, too: "Just upload a Flash game between now and December 15 and that game is automatically entered, assuming that your game follows our guidelines. (No porn and no stolen material – and definitely no stolen porn.)" Caveat emptor with rules and conditions, but seems neat - Flash game creators should go poke around, and we'll update again when the site goes public.