- GSW is your very own host for the latest Atari Jaguar news, as the launch of the Wii and PS3 approach (pshaw!), and Atari Age is pointing out that two new Jag games, Project Apocalypse and Seaplane, are currently being constructed by retro crazies.

It's explained: "Both games were demonstrated at the recent Retro Gaming Connexion in France. These titles are being developed by Orion and Mk, who previously released the game Diam Jag for free. We've uploaded the videos to our server and you can view (or save them) by following these links: Project Apocalypse (18MB) - Seaplane (10MB)."

But there's more: "In other Jaguar news, Matthias Domin has released a new Jaguar CD homebrew game titled Double Feature #1. Included are two games, ConnectTHEM and Reversi, on a fully encrypted Jaguar CD that will run on any stock Jaguar CD player."

And more: "Lars Hannig of Starcat Developments has released a new Jaguar CD game titled, Lost Treasures. Lost Treasures features 30 work-in-progress versions of various announced and unannounced Starcat Developments projects spanning a seven year period." So really, more Jaguar news than you would ever need! Thanks, AtariAge!