-News from the Independent Games Festival - we've now put up a list of the 102 Student Showcase entries for this year, and there looks to be a wide array of high-quality student titles on view again (just as in previous years, when games such as Cloud and Narbacular Drop were prominent!) Go pick some favorites and tell us about them!

The IGF finalist announcement for the Student Showcase will be on January 4th, 2007 - and before then, the Main Competition finalists will be unveiled on December 9th, 2006, and the Mod Competition finalists on December 18th, 2006. In between now and then, we'll also be making some announcements about key lectures, roundtables, and keynotes at the 2007 Independent Games Summit, also to be held at GDC next March, so watch out for that.

Also, we just rounded up _all_ the Gamasutra interviews with IGF Main Competition entrants - so we're gonna add it here too. We've talked to the makers of Gibbage, Gamma Bros, Prime Time: Maths Adventure, Eets, Plasma Pong, SpaceStationSim, Minions Of Mirth, Everyday Shooter, Sim Tractor, Kudos, Aquaria, Golf?, Virtual Villagers, New Star Soccer 3, Armadillo Run, Motorama, and Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! - click on each game name to read the interview.