- Over at Clickable Culture, Tony is kind enough to point out that: "The International Game Developers Association's special-interest group on ARGs has published its first white paper about the Alternate Reality game-form, after 8 months of work and hundreds of revisions."

From the paper: "The ARG industry is consistently producing multi-million-dollar games for tens of thousands of players at a time, and generating interest across the entertainment, broadcast, and advertising industries... Although new to many people, Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) are still far short of achieving their full potential, each new wave of games bringing major new innovations and increased understanding of what works and what doesn't."

ARGs continue to be a fascinating hybrid of real-life, websites, and interactive games of various kinds - although some people like hearing about them just as much as participating in them - not that this is bad? (Pictured: EDOC Laundry's recent appearance on CSI, a sure sign of buzz!)