- Every now and again, we remember to check back in at the Speed Demos Archive to see what those crazy speed runner types have been up to, and this time, there's a super-crazed Ghosts 'N Goblins NES run - completed in 22 minutes and 56 seconds - to admire.

As the runner Daniel 'Kareshi' Brown explains: "I don't think there will ever be a "perfect" run of this game. I think the best you can do is build up a good set of techniques that can efficiently get you through any situation. The monsters can't be counted on to behave exactly the same way from attempt to attempt, so I'd say a good one-fourth of this run is improvised (especially in the second round.)"

You can tell Brown has played this game to death, too, with comments like: "This is an interesting spot. About half the time, Sir Arthur will get hit as he approaches the Snake Dragon, only there is no enemy or projectile in view. He just gets hit by the air and loses his armor (or his life, if he was armorless.) I've found that jumping at that particular spot reduces (but does not eliminate) your risk of "phantom damage.""