- Our colleagues at the Game Developers Conference have been doing some amusingly unconventional promo, starting with the recent haiku contest, and apparently, they've found a winner.

The winning entry was submitted by Jesse Schell of Carnegie Mellon / Schell Games, and is apparently:

T-Shirts and piercings
Scruffy glazed insomniacs
At last I am home!

A couple of my favorites from the 'honorable mentions', though:

Hello Golden Gate!
Despite your grandeur I miss
Original Joe’s.

Bright-shirted CA
You stopped me from getting lunch
Where is room J3?

A lot of the responses are agreeably grouchy, and still reprinted, too - which is why it's kinda fun, because the grouchiness is an important part of being a developer and turning up to GDC.

[Oh, and the GDC chaps started a Geek Of The Week post, too, headed by 1st Playable Productions' Jeb Havens, who comments of his fave games in a geekmungous style: "M.U.L.E. -- with The Incredible Machine and its descendents (Armadillo Run, etc.) at a close second." Some fun choices.]