- Those smarties at GameTunnel are at it again, presenting their review of the Top 10 independent games for November 2006, and it's helpful as always!

As they explain: "This month we renamed the article from the 'Monthly Round-Up' to 'The 10 Independent Games of the Month' as we decided to put the games in an ordered list! (Pretty brilliant eh? Not everyone can arrange a list of games by their score!) Twelve indie titles were considered including the 'cool vehicles' strategy game Naked War, the RPG in 30 minutes FastCrawl and the rag-doll physics 'fighting' simulator Toribash."

I guess it's giving it away a leetle, but the Pickford Bros' Naked War wins out as Game Of The Month, with Brian Clair from TotalGaming.net commenting: "Naked War is an unusual release for a number of reasons and I could probably write a full review for it if I had space. For starters, it’s pretty much a PBEM online multiplayer game. While you can play on a single PC, Naked Wars was clearly designed with online in mind and does a great job at making it painless." I wonder if it's XBLA-able?