- Haunting eBay on the verge of the holiday, I came across a couple of auctions that will likely interest GameSetWatch viewers - one for its surprisingly high price, and the other for its exceptional obscurity (and, actually, its surprisingly low price right now).

Firstly, we have the 'Silent Hill Lost Memories' DVD, which is currently going for over $160 with about 6 hours still left to go on the auction. There's a really nice review of the 2003 disc over at Monsters At Play which explains: "The disc is divided into 7 main sections, each of which explores a different aspect of the Silent Hill universe" - there are lots of obscure trailers and the full soundtracks to each of the first 3 Silent Hill games, too. Looks like this is getting pretty tricky to find!

In addition, there's a Tekken gameplay laserdisc from 1995 elsewhere on eBay, something I've never seen before. The seller notes: "A rare 1995 laserdisc from Japan produced by Namco with gameplay strategies, special moves, and character profiles for the first Tekken game. Of course all the dialogue is in Japanese, but this is very fun to watch and runs for about 70 minutes. As a bonus to the winning bidder, I will throw in a DVD-R with all of the contents of this laserdisc (so you can watch it on your DVD player)." And it's at just $5 right now - Tekken fans, go for it!