- We finally got round to perusing the entrants for the deluxe Sumo Omni beanbag chair competition, in what proved to be one of our most popular contests ever (almost 100 entries!), and we now have our randomly picked winner.

So congrats to Jonathan Brodsky, who wins what looks like a very comfortable bean bag indeed - we're officially jealous! Thanks again to the folks at Sumo Lounge for giving it away, too. For those who couldn't get it, here's the answer:

Q: "Which popular '80s Epyx video game had you manipulating a much smaller bean bag to score points?"
A: California Games

But I'm sure you all knew that, right? Again, felicitations to our winner, and look out for another GSW competition in the very near future, hopefully once again featuring something that you actually care about winning, like this time around!