- So, the time is here - we're giving away 3 copies of Gears Of War for the Xbox 360, thanks to Microsoft and our new God, Lord Clifford of Blesznisk-town, Epicland. (OK, well maybe not God, but certainly FPS figurehead.)

So, without further ado, the winners of one copy of Gears Of War each are: Jason C. Barr (hey man, I really liked The Crow!), John Guerrero (love your skateboard prowess!), and Scott McGowan (nope, I got nuthin'!)

So, for those who couldn't work out the answer, here's the full info:

Q: "What mammal costume is CliffyB pictured wearing in the pic accompanying his recent Game Developer magazine interview?"
A: A bunny suit! (here's the photographic evidence, btw.)

Look out for some more GSW giveaways soon - we actually have two lined up and ready to go, and one of them is very comfortable indeed, so we'll be starting that one a little later this week.