- Once again, seems like a good opportunity to peruse interesting Gamasutra columns and news for this week (with a bonus feature link added, this time!). So let's do that, eh, since Gama is the big brother site we actually run to make a living and suchlike?

- Q&A: Nurve's LaMothe On The Hydra Console: "Nurve Networks has announced the Hydra Game Console, a multi-processor DIY 'edutainment platform' that plays classic game clones and is designed for budding console coders to program directly onto - we talk to Nurve's Andre LaMothe about this enterprising new educational console." This is wacky stuff!

- Playing Catch Up: Night Trap's Rob Fulop: "Today's Playing Catch-Up column talks to Imagic co-founder and co-creator of the infamous '90s FMV title Night Trap, Rob Fulop, who suggests that the controversy over the title "had nothing to do with the actual game, it was simply politics"." Hey, this got linked on GamePolitics, that was cool!

- FBI, NCSoft Close Down Unauthorized Lineage II Servers: "FBI agents, working in conjunction with officials from MMO firm NCsoft, have closed down L2Extreme, a free website alleged to be providing "fraudulent service" by running unauthorized Lineage II servers. [UPDATE: Comments added from the FBI agent assigned to the case.]" As people at work will attest, I was very excited to talk to the FBI this week - possibly too excited. I did promise him that I wouldn't print his phone number, though.

- Converging: An Interview With Henry Jenkins: "In this extensive Gamasutra interview, we talk with MIT professor and author Henry Jenkins on the 'games as art' debate, Second Life's contribution to participatory culture, and how games are like bits of fur and silk in our desk drawers." Gonna link this cos it debuted on Thanksgiving, so you'd better not have missed it!

There's also a bunch of other fun stuff, particularly in the Gamasutra features, but just go poke around a bit, we know you round here, we won't give you the hard sell!