- As with last week, we're going to try to round-up the best features and columns from big sister site Gamasutra , if we can, because we realize that, with 80+ news, columns, and features debuting on that site every week, you may be missing a few. Here's the GSW-worthiness from this week:

- We got Mathew Kumar and Bonnie Ruberg to cover the Montreal International Games Summit, and they came back with a bunch of neat session reports - particularly interesting for GSW-ers might be Mizuguchi's keynote where he talks about his love of A-Ha's 'Take On Me' video and how it segued into his 'Heavenly Star' music clip for Lumines II. Mm, synaesthesia.

- There's some neat info in Shang Koo's 'The China Angle' column on virtual currency issues in Japan: "According to some local media reports, QQ coin circulation [from the IM/casual game company Tencent] has become significant enough to be affecting the Chinese real life money market, and China's version of the Federal Reserve Bank is already investigating the QQ issue." Virtual currency FTW!

- A chat with the Media Molecule folks also went up, with Alex 'Statix' Evan and Mark Healey happily claiming: "Don’t let the very indie Rag Doll Kung Fu fool you – our next game is going to be a full on triple ‘A’ monster." Oh also, on U.S. retail for Rag Doll Kung Fu: "The status is not brilliant. There have been some issues regarding the age rating, which caused the publisher to pull out." Interesting!

- We posted a couple of new Independent Games Festival interviews this week, too - discussing New Star Soccer 3, in which "players can also choose to pick up drug and alcohol habits, enter into relationships with money-hungry women, and alienate their family and fans", and talking about Armadillo Run, the rather smart “physics-based puzzle game which requires you to build structures to transport an armadillo across a series of levels”. Sounds sane to me.

- This week's Playing Catch-Up talks to Traveller's Tales' Jon Burton, who reveals: "Sonic R was actually [originally] a Formula One game for the Sega Saturn", and also some odd evangelical elements to the company's game design: "For the eagle eyed Christian game players, Puggsy had a room with a bible verse in huge letters and Sonic R had the Christian Ichthus - fish symbol, like on the back of cars - above the houses on the first track."

- Also added: a readable summary of the recent chat hosted by independent game portal Manifesto Games, in which MIT’s Henry Jenkins, video game theory professor Jesper Juul, game designer Santiago Siri and gameLab’s Eric Zimmerman were invited to tackle the difficult question of whether games can truly qualify as art. Much erudition here!

- Oh yeah, and budget publisher DSI has partnered with National Geographic to make a 'March Of The Penguins' DS/GBA game, which "will follow the film’s survival story while presenting the player with various challenges and obstacles". Here's a cut-scene.

Wow, and that lot isn't even including the main Gamasutra features, which include a chat with Sony PR boss Dave Karraker, an open letter to game researchers from a Microsoft researcher on making their work relevant to practical game development, a multiplayer level design feature from the Splinter Cell: Double Agent lead map designer, and... you get the idea.