- Ey up, Matthew Wegner has updated his uber-fun physics blog Fun Motion again, it's time to link it the hell up, isn't it? This time, he reviews Soylent Software's title Ichor, and it looks rather clever.

As Mr. Wegner explains of the free PC title: "Ichor is an experimental physics game by Soylent Software. The developer’s concise description of the game does an excellent job, so I’ll just paste that: 'Ichor is an action game based in fluid dynamics. Each player floats around the screen, trying to engulf his opponent with his own color.'"

There's attached video, and it's added: "The beauty of Ichor is the simplicity of its structure. It immediately becomes obvious that if you touch the other color, you lose, and the goal is to cause opponents to touch your color. Basic movement keys represent the totality of the player input (mouse for single player, keyboard for two-player duels). It’s a very straightforward setup." But OW OW, 'Be warned–the developer recommends a 3Ghz machine or faster" to play it!