- The folks at Grubby Games, who previously released IGF finalist PC indie puzzle platformer (yay!) Professor Fizzwizzle, have announced the release of FizzBall over at the Indiegamer forums.

It's explained: "Based on the classic brick busting style, Fizzball creates a pleasantly fresh update appropriate for all ages. Bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery, all at the same time! Something strange has been scaring the animals that inhabit the forests on a group of islands. It’s up to Professor Fizzwizzle, and his bubble-like Fizzball to whisk them away to safety at the animal sanctuary. Watch as the Fizzball starts off small and then grows enormous enough to envelop large animals like cows and horses."

So yep, as a commenter notes: "Great work, very good mixture of arkanoid and katamari." Sounds wicked, and there are "...180 levels, 40 bonus levels, 60 adorable animal species, a special kids’ mode, and numerous trophies to unlock." Please patronize this neat indie PC title (that is, buy it, don't talk down to it) as soon as you are able.