- Looks like James Mielke is back at 1UP with his new, much-delayed update of 'My Life in Vana'diel', which I think we've covered before for being completely impenetrable but adorable at the same time - and it is again!

Wait, let's excerpt some weirdness: "Despite online reports saying that at least one Voyager Sallet will drop from among the 10 dobsonfly clones that spawn, I can guarantee you that it is not a guaranteed drop. I found that out on the first night I dragged a handful of Roundabouts out to the dobsonfly's small island (which is also home to a couple of atomic clusters and a pyrodrake), when -- after we killed it -- only a few Dobson Bandanas and Jaeger Rings dropped. WTF." Indeed!

"So the next night, we repeat the process (with people willing to help out in exchange for lotting rights on any Jaeger Rings (Accuracy +4, Ranged Accuracy +4) that dropped. This time irony reared its twisted head instead, with so many items (and one Voyager Sallet) dropping at once that the sole Sallet that dropped into the treasure pool being auto-sorted into another party member's inventory. OMG." This is just so puppy dog enthusiastic that I can't help but love the piece, despite not understanding it in the slightest. Just me?