- [UPDATE - We turned comments back on again - ping us if you comment and it doesn't appear straight away.]

When we have to co-opt the image of the plumber which Bloglines puts up when they're having technical difficulties, you might be able to work out that we're having some issues. And so we are, in the realm of comment spam.

Firstly, apologies to commenters over the past 3-4 days - most of your comments disappeared into our spam filter, because the sheer amount of spam we're been getting recently has thrown our spam software (the excellent Akismet) for a bit of a loop. I just went through and manually found and pushed live as many of those 'lost' comments as I could - sorry if I didn't catch yours.

Actually, the machine that GameSetWatch is hosted on has crashed a couple of times recently due to comment spam volumes, so for now, we're turning comments off until our technical guys can take a look and decide what to do next. (You may have noticed that sites like Joystiq and Kotaku have pretty highly customized comment systems nowadays, due to this problem, and while we're not quite in their league of popularity, the spambots care not.) We'll work it out, though, and keep reading and enjoying happy linkage in the mean time!