- To be honest, there are so many great free PC indie titles being released nowadays that we just can't keep up - we leave that to folks like the Independent Gaming blog, or for shmups, to Posty at Shoot The Core, who has pointed out a great-looking new shooter, B Intruders.

It's downloadable from the B Games site, and Posty explains: "While described as a Space Invaders clone, BI goes a little beyond that - I'd throw in a dash of Centipede also, as I've encountered a snake that drops below invader level and worms through your path."

It's also noted: "The gameplay is much faster paced than your typical Invaders clone, and collecting bonuses fill a meter, storing up for a massive point addition when full. At the outset of the game, players are able to choose the starting planet from levels previously unlocked. Control is via mouse only." The same developers created the also freely downloadable Lethal Judgment 3, which has got high marks from Indy Gamer and other outlets.