- So, Gregg 'Greggman' Tavares has been a developer at Sony of Japan (most recently working on LocoRoco!) for quite a while now - with a long history including stints at Naughty Dog in the States, and he's updated his personal site to discuss an awesome custom wedding video game that he created for some friends.

He explains: "The wedding was to be in April 2006. Our group has had a little bit of a history of, um...., interesting birthday presents and so we got this idea that it would be really cool to surprise David and Elly with their very own video game on their wedding day. Something that could be presented at their wedding reception."

So what happened? "Ultimately we decided on making a bunch of simple mini games in the spirit of Wario Ware. We brainstormed a bunch of simple game ideas including many raunchy ones that we thought maybe we'd have to save for a special party without the relatives although in the end we made just one version with relatively safe themes." All of the mini-games are explained, from 'Protect The Sausage' to 'Put the Ring On', all personalized, and it's just an awesome idea - someone should go into business doing this! [Via The-Inbetween.]