tjtj.jpg A few months ago, we got a copy of Issue 1 of sumptuous Australian game culture mag (and vague Edge-a-like) JumpButton - and it was really nice, actually. Unfortunately, we never saw another one, and now we've worked out why.

Due to "various reasons - some business model-related and some personal - issue two was extensively developed and planned, but never made it into print", so the editors have been posting the articles on the official JumpButton website - and very good they are, too.

The one that I personally appreciate the most is a passionate defense of Amped 3 for Xbox 360, complete with interviews with the creators, who say things like: "My idea for having all of those different genres and influences in the game was influenced by just how ‘remote control’ we are as people now." Those with long memories may recall I was similarly entranced by the flop title (developer Indie Built later closed down even, aw) after the X360 launch.

But there's plenty of other good stuff which doesn't have anything to do with my own tastes on there, including an I Am 8-Bit curator diary, and I find it astounding I've only really seen this site linked one place (randomly via the semi-dormant GameCritics). Please spread the word!