- We noticed a couple of sites have been relinking to the somewhat spectacular Lowdown411 Xbox 360 faceplate index, which leads us to both marvel at it and wonder - how's the market for collecting Xbox 360 faceplates going?

First thing to note is that there's a surprising amount of exclusive faceplates tied to press events - for example, X05 Canada's three different maple-leaf themed faceplates (!), including " X05 Canada - Large Maple Leaf" and "X05 Canada - Small Maple Leaf w/Ring of Light". Can't see any of those listed on eBay right now, though someone is trying to sell a 16-item collection that includes a 'Launch Team' and 'X05' faceplate.

Then there's other game-specific faceplates mentioned on the site, if not eBay-available, such as a Prey-specific faceplate for example: "This was an item made in really low quantities, made solely for Human Head, 3D Realms, & Venom staff. There were some at E3 2006 on the demo units showing Prey on the show floor. They were never meant for sale or distribution." Go chase!