tjtj.jpg Some of you may have noticed some new GameSetWatch columns rolling out this week, so I just wanted to thank the new columnists and introduce you to them individually.

- Firstly, Ollie Barder has started up the supremely geeky 'Roboto-chan' column, which "covers videogames that feature robots and the pop-cultural folklore surrounding them." UK native Mr. Barder has written for The UK Guardian and sometimes contributes to co-worker Brandon's Insert Credit, even. Also, he knows more about Super Robot Wars than we will ever - so stay tuned for bi-weekly hilarity!

- Next up, the infamous 3DOKid (who we've blogged about quite a bit thanks to his somewhat obsessive 3DO blog, yay) is writing a bi-weekly column simply called 'Beyond 3DO'. His first one talks about 'why the dreaded 'FMV adventure' is much more pleasant that you might actually guess', and we figure it's all gonna get crazier and more early '90s from there.

- There's also a rather fine new column, 'A Game Collector's Melancholy', from Jeffrey Fleming, which "follows the subtle pleasures and gnawing anxieties of video game collecting." I find it rather finely written, actually, and the first one discusses the Panzer Dragoon franchise, always pretty beloved among hardcore collectors. So, yeah, we cater to obsessives some more, so sue us.

- Finally, we're delighted to get Todd 'Kid Fenris' Ciolek on board to write 'Might Have Been', a neat new concept 'that explores the ways in which promising games, characters, and concepts failed'. I already like this column a lot, and the first one discusses the odd 'Tiny Tank', which I'd never really pegged in any way satirical, therefore didn't look at it further - perhaps one of its problems.

Anyhow, we just wanted to thank all our GameSetWatch columnists again, both the excellent regulars and the smart new guys - a lot of these folks are doing out of the goodness of their own heart (since we're running GSW pretty much as a renegade off-the-radar editor blog, we're crazy like that), so give 'em feedback and love and that type of thing. And we still have at least one more new column starting soon, so watch out for that.

[PS - Whoever it was who wanted to do a black&white Game Boy game review column, ping us again - we mailed you but haven't heard back.]