visiting_day.jpgWe’ve talked about Mike Bithell’s PSP homebrew title Visiting Day before on GSW - simonc enthusiastically called it a “seriously fun super-simple indie title” and noted that “we'd love to see a 50-mini-game version sold commercially”. For those who came in late, though, it’s a great mini-game collection with some very awesome art that is not only freeware, but can be tried out on Bithell’s website in a Flash version too.

Well, the very, very good news is that the game is out of beta stage, finished and up on the site all ready for you to download to “memory card for those moments at the bus stop”, as Bithell says.

Even better is his acknowledgement of our previous comments. “I would absolutely love to make the large scale version that GameSetWatch called for. I have many ideas...” he says. Anyone interested in helping him fulfil this dream should visit his site and get in touch with him pronto!

[edited by alistairw]