virtuafighter5.jpgIt’s all thumbs up for Virtua Fighter 5’s kinda bizarre service, according to NeoGAF. The unit is displayed in Japanese arcades along with the game itself, and features online ranking, plus broadcasts: one which shows impressive combos pulled off by actual players around the country, “complete with replays in slow motion to see how to do them”, plus player introductions and replays of ranked matches.

Even cooler, though, is the fact that the matches replayed have automated commentary, and by the look of videos like this one, it’s actually good.

But by far the best aspect is described by NeoGAF as “The Ownage!” The actual name is unknown, apparently, but the basic gist is “they take one match where someone got owned hardcore and show it nationally! The beatdowns are usually so bad that the name of the guy who's getting owned is usually blocked out so you can't see it.” Ouch.

Given my complete lack of fighting game skills, remind me not to play Virtua Fighter 5 in a Japanese arcade anytime soon.

[edited by alistairw]