uru.jpg Over at GameSpot parent CNet News, Daniel Terdiman continues to do some excellent work on the game biz, especially in the MMO/virtual world space, and a recent piece has him documenting the return of Cyan's Uru Live, the MMO-ish offshot of the Myst series which was defunct, and is now returning via GameTap

Here are some choice excerpts: "That "Uru Live" has life at all is probably surprising to some. The game had a strong fan base before it was shut down during beta on Feb. 9, 2004 due to a lack of financial resources. Left with no official place to play the game, many players stayed together in an unsupported freeware version of the game called "Until Uru" made available by its developer, Cyan Worlds."

Uru gamer Eleri Hamilton (her game name) comments: "I think it's something the gaming industry in general should take note of. Here was this game that was killed by a large publisher (and) that the fans kept the torch burning (for) two years until GameTap picked it up. I think what GameTap is planning, with reaching out to the smaller game companies that don't match up to the big publisher bottom lines, is going to shake up the industry."

An interesting perspective, and I guess we'll see what happens - one thing I _would_ like to point too, though, is Andrew Plotkin's series of articles about Uru, which excellently documented the slightly broken but fascinating genesis of the title.